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Do you offer pro bono, sponsorship, or services for trade? No. Although the nature of the work is rewarding and fun, this is a job and we need money for silly things... like food and rent.

Do you design this? You can see a list of services we provide in the "about" section. Have an unusual project or something that isn't related to the music/fashion industry? Don't hesitate to ask. We are always up to meet new expectations.

What is the usual turnaround time? This is specific for each project and how busy we are. Please contact us at your earliest convenience for availability and turnaround estimates.

We need this by yesterday. Can you do it? Under certain circumstances, we take rush orders. Please understand that this will raise quoted or flat rate prices. We don't take projects that we can't make a deadline on, so it never hurts to ask for availability.

Do you work exclusively with established/signed bands/clients? No. We are serious about working with serious clients regardless of how established they are. We will work with anyone permitting that we have the time.

What is the fastest way to get in touch? Email.

Do you do any printing or order fulfillment? No. However, we will make recommendations for where to reproduce, print, or develop your project.

How do you make your work? Digital: With design applications from Adobe, Corel and FontLab (accompanied with a scanner and graphic tablet). Organic: Pencils, pens, ink, and paper. Please search online for tutorials and help on specifics. There is a lot of free resources available out there if you are interested.

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