Match & Kerosene

Match and Kerosene is a design fulfillment company that provides clients with professional work at an affordable price. Primarily working in the music and fashion industry, we specialize in offering clients with results that will not waver against competition.


Design Services We Fulfill

Myspace, Website, and Web Development

Apparel, Clothing, & Merch Design

CD, DVD, & Packaging Artwork


Flash Design

Photo Editing, Restoration, and Manipulation

Skate Deck Design

Ad and Publication Design

Logo, Identity, & Branding

Font & Type Design


Behind The Curtain

At an early age, I have always been fascinated with art and creative forms. I guess it runs in the family. My cousin, Sam Viviano, is the Art Director at Mad Magazine and a lot of my family and relatives are active in the creative world or movies, broadway, music, and art. I spent a lot of time in comic book shops, drawing, and inking as a kid. At the age of Ten, all I wanted to do was be an artist and go into comics (I guess I didn't land too far from the mark!). After a few years past, I began to get really interested in music. I set my pencils down for awhile and picked up a guitar.


Attending local punk rock shows of bands like The Suicide Machines and Bourgeois Filth in Michigan was enough motivation for me to want to play music and aspire to be a touring musician. After numerous trials and errors with bands, I ended up starting a band with some friends called Search The City. We eventually signed to a label called Tooth and Nail. Touring and playing in a signed band really allowed me to make new friends and network for freelance design jobs. I was a designer by day; and musician by night. After a few summers past, the band went on an indefinite hiatus and I started working as a full-time freelance artist in the music industry.


Match & Kerosene is the moniker I started doing freelance work under a couple years ago to start a career as a freelance artist. Occasionally, I work with photographers, developers, or artists on specific projects that demand a larger team. Otherwise, I work with clients directly from project briefing to the project goal. I'm a Twenty-something Michigander who loves my job, art, music, comics, movies, and coffee. I still love comics, play guitar, buy hard copies of records (although I love my iPod), and wish The Suicide Machines would get back together.


Alexander Sheldon

Match & Kerosene